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Expanding Possibilities with Cisco Partner Programs

The latest updates to the Cisco Partner Program, including a migration to three specializations (Solution, Cisco-Powered, and Business) and new industry-leading incentives.

2021 Partner Summit Global Award Winners

20 global partners received top honors at this year's Partner Summit, recognizing them for their innovation and the ways in which they are defining new experiences, driving more engagement, and delivering greater value.

New Sustainabiilty Initiatives From Cisco

Announcing a new Specialization in Environmental Sustainability, the Digital Sustainability Challenge and a new Migration Incentive, available in the first half of 2022.

2021 Innovation Challenge Winners

The fourth annual Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge saw Australia-based Outcomex win the top prize for a second year in a row. Second place went to CDW (US) and third place to Mastersystem (Indonesia). The challenge is an opportunity for partners to show how they are innovating with APIs built on top of Cisco solutions.

Register for Partner Lifecycle Services (PLS)

For the first time, Cisco partners can select the Cisco services they want to resell, combine them with other services, and market them under their own brands. This modular approach enables partners with the flexibility to differentiate their business.

The new Cisco EA

The new Cisco Enterprise Agreement (known as EA 3.0) offers partners an agile and flexible platform to build cross-architectural solutions. It brings the power of the entire Cisco portfolio under a single agreement that can scale rapidly with the business agility customers need.

Internet Insights: Applications Outages

Announcing instant insight into SaaS application availability on a global scale. New tool offers real-time and historic views into the availability of more than 75 of the most important SaaS applications relied upon by employees.

Flexibility and simplicity at the heart of Cisco Partner Summit

How Cisco is tackling everything from multicloud ecosystems to the next phase of hybrid work. Includes quotes from Cisco VP Julia Chen, and Partners NTT and Denali Advanced Integration.

Cisco Partner Summit: New Enterprise Agreements, Partner Lifecycle Services

Highlights from #CiscoPS21 include news about software and services from Cisco and how it is shifting its business model to offer customers and partners more flexibility and agility in the way they buy.

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